Ivory Coast Cashew Industry Gains US Agribusiness Interest

Ivory Coast Cashew Industry Development Draws Praise from US Delegation
American agribusiness leaders praise Ivory Coast's cashew industry development efforts, explore partnerships to boost Ivorian cashew exports to the USA.

Ivory Coast Cashew Industry Gains US Agribusiness Interest

American agro industrialists keen to partner with Ivorian cashew sector.

Abidjan, March 28, 2024 – A high-level delegation of American agroindustrialists, led by Robert Paul Bauer, President of the US Association of Food Industries (AFI), has commended Ivory Coast's impressive progress in developing its cashew industry. The delegation was received in audience by Prime Minister Robert Beugré Mambé, who also serves as Minister of Sports and Living Environment.
"We've witnessed firsthand the strides Ivory Coast is making in its cashew sector, spearheaded by the Cotton Cashew Council," Bauer remarked after the meeting. "The strategies here could be a model for success in other Ivorian agro-industry areas."

Ivory Coast Cashew Industry: Forging US Partnerships

The AFI delegation plans to share their positive observations with member companies, aiming to bolster ties between the booming Ivorian cashew sector and the vast American market. Bauer highlighted the emerging partnerships between Ivorian cashew stakeholders and key US institutions focused on food regulation and nut industry promotion. These partnerships are set to elevate the reputation of Ivorian cashews on the US market.
Adama Coulibaly, Director General of the Cotton Cashew Council, joined the audience, underscoring the significance of this collaboration. As the world's top producer of raw cashew nuts (over 1.2 million tonnes in 2023), Ivory Coast also ranks second in global cashew kernel exports.

US Interest Reflects Ivorian Cashew Industry Growth

The American delegation's enthusiasm showcases Ivory Coast's ascent as a major cashew industry player. The nation's focus on value addition and strategic partnerships is transforming it into a key source of high-quality cashew products, attracting international attention.

Ivory Coast Cashew Industry: Investing in the Future

The Cotton Cashew Council's commitment to sustainable practices and industry development forms the bedrock of its success. With growing recognition from global agribusiness leaders like the US delegation, the Ivorian cashew industry is poised for a bright future. Increased exports, innovation, and mutually beneficial collaborations will likely be hallmarks of this flourishing sector.

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