Ivory Coast Celebrates CAN 2023: A Triumph on and Off the Pitch

Ivory Coast Celebrates CAN 2023: A Triumph on and Off the Pitch

The 34th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN 2023), held in Ivory Coast, marked a momentous occasion for the nation. Not only did the Elephants secure their third CAN title, but the tournament also left a lasting impact on the country's infrastructure, economy, and national spirit.

A Sporting Spectacle and National Glory

The sporting success of the Elephants brought immense joy and national pride. The team's victory sparked jubilant celebrations across the country, solidifying their status as national heroes. The Ivorian government further acknowledged their achievements, showering the players and staff with substantial financial rewards and national honors.

Beyond the Game: Infrastructure Boom and Economic Growth

Ivory Coast's commitment to hosting CAN 2023 extended far beyond the sporting arena. The nation embarked on a significant infrastructural development project, constructing and renovating six stadiums, 24 training grounds, and upgrading various facilities within host cities. These investments not only ensured a smooth running of the tournament but also created lasting benefits for the community.

The CAN 2023 generated significant economic activity, attracting over 5,000 accredited journalists and more than 110 television partners. The influx of visitors and media coverage put Ivory Coast in the global spotlight, showcasing its potential and opportunities as a modern and developing nation.

Investing in the Future: A Land of Hospitality and Opportunity

The Center for the Promotion of Investments in Côte d'Ivoire (CEPICI) capitalized on CAN 2023 by organizing "Invest in" business forums. These forums aimed to attract investors by showcasing the country's strategic projects, solid economy, and attractive business climate. Additionally, the slogan "Ivory Coast, come and see" emphasized the nation's warm hospitality and diverse cultural and tourist offerings.

Legacy Beyond the Final Whistle: Maintaining Momentum

The Ivorian government has emphasized the importance of maintaining and utilizing the infrastructure developed for CAN 2023. Upgraded hospitals will improve healthcare services for communities, while enhanced road networks will facilitate connectivity and economic activity.

Beyond the tangible benefits, CAN 2023 left an intangible mark on the Ivorian spirit. The Prime Minister aptly described the nation's transformation, stating, "A new Ivorian is born." The collective experience of hosting and witnessing sporting success fostered a renewed sense of patriotism, pride, and national unity.


CAN 2023 served as a multi-faceted triumph for Ivory Coast. While the sporting victory brought immense joy, the tournament's true legacy lies in the lasting economic and infrastructural development, and the rekindled spirit of national unity. As the nation moves forward, it carries the momentum of CAN 2023, poised to capitalize on the opportunities it has created and build a brighter future for its citizens.

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