Ivory Coast: Boosting Student Employment with New Initiative

Ivory Coast launches initiative to connect students with businesses, promoting internships and job opportunities for better graduate integration.

In a move to address the challenge of graduate unemployment, the Ivory Coast Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has launched the "Student and Business Days" initiative. This framework aims to foster dialogue and collaboration between the higher education sector and the private sector, ultimately promoting better job prospects for students.
Minister Adama Diawara believes this system will showcase the talent pool emerging from universities, opening doors for internships and full-time employment.  The initiative is part of a broader strategy to overhaul the higher education system in Ivory Coast.  This includes building new specialized universities focused on regional economic strengths, developing short-term technical training programs, and reforming curricula to align with industry needs.
The event also highlighted the importance of student employment in Ivory Coast. Ibrahima Dosso, of the Ministry of Youth Promotion, Professional Integration, and Civic Service, noted existing government programs facilitating internships and skills development for young people. The overall goal is to create a smoother path from graduation to meaningful employment for Ivory Coast's youth.

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