Local Food for African School Canteens: A Community Push

Côte d'Ivoire marks African School Feeding Day, focusing on community support and local food sources to ensure sustainable school canteens and student success.

Côte d'Ivoire celebrated the 9th African School Feeding Day with a focus on mobilizing communities to ensure sustainable **local school food** for canteens across the nation. This initiative aims to improve student attendance, support the local economy, and promote student success.

The Ministry of National Education and Literacy, along with the World Food Program (WFP), highlighted  the importance of **local school food** in transforming education in Africa. The Sud-Comoé Regional Council was praised for setting an example by budgeting for school meals throughout its region. Officials urged other councils to follow suit.

The WFP commended Côte d'Ivoire's commitment to school feeding. Unfortunately, despite efforts, only about a third of Côte d'Ivoire's  primary school students currently receive regular school meals. This highlights the need for continued community mobilization to boost resources and ensure that all students benefit from nutritious meals.  

Local food sourcing is key to this initiative.  It strengthens the agricultural sector and stimulates community entrepreneurship, creating a positive ripple effect.  The African School Feeding Day celebration in Côte d'Ivoire underscores the importance of investing in sustainable school feeding programs across the continent.

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