Ivory Coast: Gov't Targets "Zero Illegal Clinics by 2025"

Ivory Coast Combats Illegal Health Clinics: Protecting Patient Safety
Ivorian government launches "Zero Illegal Clinics by 2025" campaign, intensifying crackdown on clandestine health establishments to ensure safe care for citizens.

Ivory Coast: Gov't Targets "Zero Illegal Clinics by 2025"

Government's ambitious plan couples major healthcare investment with zero-tolerance for dangerous "piquetteries"
Alongside massive investments in modernizing its healthcare system, the Ivorian government is cracking down hard on illegal clinics, or "piquetteries" – as nurse Jean Jacques Kouassi calls them. These fly-by-night operations pose a grave risk to public health. To protect patients, the government aims for "Zero Illegal Clinics by 2025."

Why Combat Illegal Health Clinics?

Unregulated healthcare can be disastrous, even deadly. Over 80% of private health facilities in Ivory Coast don't meet safety standards. An estimated 40% of healthcare services nationwide are provided by this shadowy, often dangerous sector – reaching a staggering 60% in Abidjan. Cleaning up this mess is crucial if Ivorians are to access the care they deserve.

Ivory Coast's Action Plan: Cleaning Up the Health Sector

The fight against illegal clinics goes beyond closures. Here's what's underway:

Health Police:

This unit within the Ministry of Health cracks down on fraudulent practices and safety violations.

Delivery Restrictions:

A 2020 decree bans deliveries in private clinics lacking operating theaters.

"Zero Illegal Clinics" Campaign: 

Intensive inspections and closures target non-compliant facilities.

Public Reporting:

A World Bank-backed platform lets citizens report unsafe practices.

Zero Illegal Health Clinics: Tangible Results

The campaign is making headway:

  • 2023:** Over 1,000 illegal clinics shuttered nationwide.
  • Sud-Comoé Crackdown: 46 clinics closed in a single regional sweep.
  • Cavally Region: 118 out of 123 illegal clinics shut down.

Ivory Coast's Healthcare Vision: Quality Care for All

The "Zero Illegal Clinics" campaign goes hand-in-hand with the government's massive healthcare modernization program. By investing in modern facilities and ruthlessly weeding out dangerous operators, Ivory Coast is steadily building a health system its citizens can trust.

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