Ivory Coast Bolsters Diplomatic Security with New Attachés

Ivory Coast Establishes Internal Security Attaché Positions for Enhanced Diplomatic Security
Ivory Coast strengthens diplomatic security abroad by establishing Internal Security Attaché positions within foreign missions, aiming to combat cross-border criminal activities.

Ivory Coast Bolsters Diplomatic Security with New Attachés

ABIDJAN, February 28, 2024 – In a move to strengthen security within its diplomatic missions abroad, the Council of Ministers of Côte d'Ivoire has adopted a  decree establishing the position of Internal Security Attaché.  This decision was announced by Amadou Coulibaly, Minister of Communication, at the council's conclusion on February 28, 2024, in Abidjan.  

New Attachés to Protect Ivory Coast Interests Abroad

These newly created positions will be filled by agents of the National Police, reflecting the strong commitment of the Ivory Coast to safeguarding its interests overseas.  Internal Security Attachés will have a clear mission: to work in close collaboration with other security services, protecting the country from the threat of trafficking and criminal activities orchestrated from beyond its borders.

Addressing Cross-Border Threats

The establishment of the Internal Security Attaché positions comes as a strategic response to the growing challenges posed by transnational crime. The Ivorian government recognizes that threats can transcend its own borders, making international cooperation essential in combating these challenges.

Diplomatic Missions as a Focus for Security

Internal Security Attachés will serve within the diplomatic missions of Côte d'Ivoire located in specific foreign countries. This underscores the importance the country places on safeguarding the personnel and assets of these representations, ensuring they can function safely and effectively.  

A Proactive Approach to Security in Ivory Coast

By embedding law enforcement personnel within its diplomatic corps, Côte d'Ivoire sends a clear message of its commitment to comprehensive security. These specialized Internal Security Attachés will proactively identify potential threats, collaborating with foreign partners to disrupt criminal networks before they can harm Ivorian interests.

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