Ivorian Minister Praises "Remarkable Work" Done by COCAN Security Commission

Minister Vagondo Diomandé Hails COCAN Security Commission's "Remarkable Work".

Abidjan, February 21, 2024 - Ivory Coast's Minister of the Interior and Security, Vagondo Diomandé, met with the Security Commission of the 2023 African Cup of Nations (CAN) Organizing Committee (COCAN) on February 19th in Abidjan. The commission, led by its president, General Youssouf Kouyaté, director general of the National Police, discussed the partial assessment of security measures implemented during the 34th edition of the tournament.

Security Measures Evaluated

The discussions centered on the effectiveness of security measures taken at various stadiums, accommodation sites, crowd management strategies, and traffic flow management throughout the tournament. Colonel-Major Simon-Pierre Kouadio Appia, head of the Security Department, reported the deployment of over 20,000 security personnel and 2,000 stewards across the country to ensure smooth operation.

Recommendations and Recognition

The commission also presented recommendations, including the permanent establishment of the COCAN Security Commission. Minister Diomandé expressed his immense pride in his "high-ranking collaborators" for their remarkable work, which significantly contributed to the success of the CAN, fulfilling the vision of President Alassane Ouattara.

Decoration Ceremony Planned

In recognition of their exceptional efforts, Minister Diomandé announced the organization of a decoration ceremony in the order of the national police for all members of the COCAN Security Commission in the coming days.

The Minister's praise and the planned decoration ceremony highlight the significant contribution of the COCAN Security Commission to the successful hosting of the CAN 2023. The commission's potential permanence would ensure the continued development and implementation of effective security strategies for future major events in Ivory Coast.

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